Choice School Info

Byram Township School District is an Approved Choice School District

Byram Township Schools will have 0 available seats for the 2019 / 2020 school year.

The Byram Township School District offers any participating Choice Program student all the same programs as resident students. The district has implemented a full day kindergarten program for the last five years. The district has a Mass Media Studio at the intermediate school and a STEM program in each of the district schools with a state of the art lab installed at the Byram Intermediate School. A one to one program has been implemented at the elementary and intermediate schools as each student grades 2-8 has been provided with a Chromebook. The Readers’ Workshop approach is continuing to be implemented at both the elementary level and intermediate school levels. It complements the Journeys reading program at the Byram Lakes Elementary School and it is incorporated as a hybrid model at the intermediate school. Working with the understanding that all students learn at a different pace and differing abilities, this program allows each student to work with reading material, such as chapter or trade books, at his/her own level while still being able to focus on the same skill being taught/learned in class. The Byram Lakes Elementary School offers Art, Music, Spanish, World Cultures, Enrichment, STEaM, Environmental Club, and an extracurricular activity called Fit Club. Keyboarding skills are also taught at the elementary school. Also, students in grades three and four can participate in chorus and fourth grade students are permitted to take instrumental lessons as well. The Byram Lakes Elementary School provides ninety minutes of language arts daily and seventy-five minutes for math to its students daily. The Byram Intermediate School students have approximately eighty-four minutes each day dedicated to math and eighty-four minutes daily for language arts to focus on the needs of the students, whether it is remediation, reinforcement, or enhanced academic rigor. Byram Intermediate School students participate in related arts classes such as: Art, Music, Physical Education and Health, Health and Life Management, Keyboarding, Spanish, Mass Media, and STEM. Extracurricular activities and sports at the Byram Intermediate School include: Band, Chorus, the Byram Environmental Education Club, SEEK, Cheerleading, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field, Drama, Rampage (school newspaper), Yearbook, and STEaM Club. Both schools offer a successful before and after school academic assistance in the areas of math and language arts.